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Curriculum in the cloud: pioneering the new way of education

In the past decade, technology has begun to radically change the state of education around the world. More schools are adopting cloud-based classrooms and building their curricula online – completely redefining their systems in order to prepare students for a modern globalized society. On the forefront of this educational revolution, Rebild Kommune — a municipality in northern Denmark that serves 1,600 students — reached out to Lenovo in 2013 to help them make an early transition into the next big thing in education.

“We’re trying to get the children ready for working life as adults,” says Jesper Johansen, school manager at Sortebakkeskolen — one of the elementary institutes in Rebild. “It’s important that they can make choices of their own and have the tools to investigate. That’s actually one of the things that this system helps us do.”

Ideal for cloud-based learning, the schools provided their students with Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebooks. Sturdy enough to withstand the hard knocks of falling off desks or being dropped by students, the district knew they wouldn’t have to worry about the durability of the products. With fast boot-up times and plenty of power, they could also rely on the ThinkPads to silently and seamlessly get the job done.

Primarily using the Google Classroom app on the ThinkPad Chromebooks, the district has created an online environment where both the teachers and the students have all their lessons and assignments in one place. Instructors can now directly assist each student and offer real-time feedback in the document — appearing in the form of a pop-up text, video or sound clip. Going well beyond the days of marking papers with red ink, this one-on-one interaction allows teachers to personalize the classroom experience.

The technology is also empowering Rebild’s students to become active learners beyond the traditional classroom. The district’s schools are now filled with students collaborating with one another, adding in their own input no matter where they are. Together, they build projects, edit spreadsheets, view multimedia videos or create slideshow presentations — all hands-on skills they can later use out in the real world.

“The students are engaging and experimenting with the Chromebooks,”  says Jakob Rasmussen, a Rebild IT and English Teacher and Google Education Practitioner. “And as a teacher, we should listen to the things they have to say as well, because they’re co-creators in this whole universe.”

As cloud-based classrooms continue to transform the state of education, Rebild Kommune has paved the way for the future. Equipped with ThinkPads that spur teamwork and innovation, the students of Rebild are connecting with each other and their teachers in completely new ways – gaining the skills they need in order to thrive in today’s technologically-infused world.

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