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How ThinkPads radically transformed mobile security

In the modern world, laptops are essential to the business sector — accompanying salespeople and high powered executives on trips and out-of-office meetings. Yet, as recent as the early 2000s, this wasn’t always the case. Even though the mobile computing revolution had been in full swing for about a decade, some companies were still hesitant to jump on the trend. Very little effort was being directed toward cyber security at the time, and the notion of executives carrying around the company’s top secrets and critical data parked on their laptops terrified IT staffs.

Recognizing this challenge early on, the ThinkPad team began developing new security hardware. In 2001, our engineers pushed the industry forward by introducing the ThinkPad T23 — the ThinkPad T23 — the first laptop with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), known as the Embedded Security Subsystem.

Allowing for features like encryption, locked files and mega-secure passwords, the system was designed to keep the user’s sensitive data out of range from software based attacks. As the first laptop to be certified by the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, the TPM also quickly expanded from being integrated only in ThinkPads to becoming an industry standard.

Constantly evolving, the ThinkPad team continued to advance security methods three years later with a new design. Introducing the industry’s first laptop of its kind, the ThinkPad T42 featured biometric security with an integrated fingerprint reader and embedded security chip. With this laptop, the ThinkPad T42 added another layer of security, reducing risk with the chip while adding more convenience with the fingerprint reader.

Following these breakthroughs in security, the ThinkPad development team began to shift the mindset of companies. Gradually, the IT departments were convinced it was safe enough for their employees to use laptops outside the office. Now with peace of mind, companies could finally give their high power sales teams and executives the tools they needed to get their job done efficiently and effectively.

But even more importantly, the ThinkPad T42 set the tone for the multilayer system found in today’s ThinkPads — now equipped with security chips, fingerprint readers, data encryption and smart card readers. It also framed the industry’s overall approach to product security, showing the importance of doing more on the backend. From product and software development to supply chain and customer support, the ThinkPad team understands the need to implement strong, secure processes.

More than just containers for keyboards, screens, storage and computing power, ThinkPads have impacted the way the industry delivers product solutions – providing the end user with functionality in design along with the technology needed to protect the integrity of their data.

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